Tassel Loafers

The Tassel Loafer is crafted with a round, classic toe. The silhouette is balanced with a subtle waist to create what we believe is the ideal design of a tassel loafer. Goodyear welted in 128 steps in Almansa, Spain. Available both on a leather or rubber sole.

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Tassel loafers are true classics. Dating back to the late 40s and has ever since become an iconic design. The Tassel Loafer share many similarities with its sibling, The Penny Loafer. Both shoes are crafted on the same base, where the only difference between the two is that one is sporting tassels, while the penny loafer has a strap with a penny-sized cut-out in the middle.

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Tassel loafers are among the most effortless designs to wear, where the high functionality allows for wearing them with many different forms of attires and styles. The Tassel Loafer is a great choice for sprucing up an everyday outfit with a bit of flair, working just as good with jeans as with suits.