Our take on the classic espadrille is crafted with a soft suede upper or breathable canvas on a hand-braided jute sole. The balance of the materials makes this a companion suitable for not only days at the beach but also for evenings on the plaza.

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The Espadrille factory

Our factory is located in Caravaca de la Cruz, in the Southeast of Spain. It’s an important area of the ancient shoe culture and well known for its traditional local festivities, for example, Los Caballos del Vino, where horsemen, during the race, ran up the town’s hill in handmade espadrilles with jute soles.

The current production process maintains many parts of the traditional method - using jute, a tropical shrub, as one of its primary raw materials in a completely handmade manufacturing system.


Espadrilles are a design as old as time itself. They are crafted on jute sole that is braided by hand. They are commonly created with a canvas or suede upper, allowing for high breathability at the beach or in town. They are essential summer shoes for anyone living in or visiting the warmer parts of the world.


Espadrilles are considered to be relatively informal and work great with summer clothing, such as shorts or linen trousers. At night or when visiting the city’s pulse, Espadrilles can be worn with relaxed denim to create a smart but comfortable outfit. Read more about How to style the Espadrille