The Archive

The Archive is where we collect products that may contain minor cosmetic issues, outgoing styles, and samples that have been used for product development and photo shoots. It is a place where we give life to all shoes, respecting the craftsmanship and quality behind every unique pair.

Prices range between 20-30% below their original levels.

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the-trainer white leather
tha tassel loafer
the double monkstrap
the single monkstrap
the hiking boot brown suede
the plain toe blucher
the derby black calf

FAQ - The Archive

  • Shoes that are practically new, but that we don’t accept to sell “box fresh”.
    These are shoes that we have received in return from customers that are practically new, but that can come with tiny creases.

  • Shoes that we have used on photo shoots.

  • Shoes that we have used in product development (as samples).

  • Shoes that have been part of a seasonal collection.

20% – Outgoing style
25% – Minor wear and tear
30% – Medium wear and tear

Yes. All products have unique pictures to show the exact condition of each particular item. 

No. Each item sold from The Archive is unique and can’t be exchanged to another pair as we simply don’t have more items of that specific article.

Yes, we offer the option of returning within 14 days from delivery date. Shipping prices for returns for each country below:

Country / Region Return cost

Sweden 50 SEK

Norway 100 NOK

Denmark 35 DKK

Germany 5 EUR

France 5 EUR

Rest of EU 5 EUR

Switzerland 25 EUR

United Kingdom 25 GBP

United States 35 USD

Rest of world 35 USD