As with all MORJAS products, our sneakers have been designed with a timeless aesthetic. The collection consists of a selection of distinct models crafted by hand with an under-the-radar silhouette, making them perfect for all-year-round everyday wear.

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Our leather sneakers are as classic as they can be. Featuring a low profile, The leather sneakers create a calm and clean look for any understated outfit. Simple and minimalist are keywords for this design. Since leather sneakers are quite smooth, they are also straightforward to clean. A cloth and a little water should suffice to clean the shoe’s surface. If you want to do a deeper shoe cleaning, we recommend using our leather care products, which can be found under shoe care.


Suede sneakers are great for any outfit. The understated design is elevated by the suede material. Contrary to popular belief, suede sneakers are easy to care for and simple to clean. Make sure to impregnate the shoes every now and then and use a suede brush to keep them clean and fresh at all times. If you want to find some inspiration on how to style our leather and suede sneakers, read this article.


Are you looking specifically for white sneakers? Explore our dedicated white sneakers category, where you can discover the pure simplicity of this iconic style. Embrace the beauty of white sneakers, where every step you take becomes a statement of timeless sophistication.