Monk strap shoes

Our range of monk strap shoes includes single and double-buckled designs, allowing you to style them in many different ways. The classic design takes cues from ancient sandals and is crafted by hand in Almansa, Spain.

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What are monk straps?

Monk straps are a classic design that is thought to stem from the shoes that monks would wear around the monasteries all the way back in the middle ages. Today the structure is much more advanced than the simple sandal-like versions the monks wore. Learn more in our article The History of Monk Strap Shoes

How to style monk strap shoes

The Monk strap shoe lands somewhere between a derby and oxford in terms of formality. They look greatest when worn with more formal attire, such as suits, but can do well with a well-coordinated, relaxed outfit.

Single monk strap shoes

The Single Monkstrap from MORJAS is not for the shy one. This piece of shoe art is goodyear welted on a double leather sole with a solid single buckle. Learn more about Single Monk Strap Shoes

Double monk strap shoes

The Double Monkstrap is handmade on a double leather sole for a timeless and confident look. It comes with double buckles for a comfortable and easy closure. Learn more about Double Monk Strap Shoes