Let’s dig into the favourite gifts from our team member’s point of views.

Lovisa: The Belt - Brown Grain

I’d recommend The Belt in Brown Grain. It's my favourite piece from the collection I think it works perfectly for both men and women. I wear it often and I also gave my boyfriend the one in black grain. The curved brass buckle is the detail I admire the most making this belt a piece of art.

Since my boyfriend already has it I’d like to give this to my brother or (and) to my sister. It would look stunning on both of them.

Nils: The Trainer - Brown Suede

The Trainer in brown suede has been a dependable accomplice of mine since my trip through Europe last summer. I wore it at the quaint Alchemia bar in Krakow, on the dusty hiking path to the Pietra di Bismantova and while enjoying the astonishing ocean view from the Portofino lighthouse. I accumulated 20.000-40.000 steps each day without feeling discomfort in my feet. It was a relief, being able to focus on the trip rather than foot blisters. Ever since, The Trainer’s comfort amazes me.

I usually wear it with a pair of blue jeans or bright coloured chinos and match it with our brown suede belt. With that being said, I recommend it as a gift for any explorer. They won’t find any travel shoe that unifies comfort with durability and good looks as The Trainer.

Christin: The Chelsea - Brown Suede

For me, the perfect Christmas gift is The Chelsea in Brown Suede. I love the brown, warm color and the soft material of the suede and wear it myself almost every day in the fall and winter. So not only is the Chelsea a great gift for dads, brothers or boyfriends - women can absolutely wear it too. A perfect, classic shoe which protects your feet in rain and snow and still looks really elegant at the same time.

Sparkling eyes under the Christmas tree guaranteed.

Simon: The Belt - Brown Braided

Our braided belt in brown vachetta leather is a go-to staple in my wardrobe. A perfect shade of brown to easily match with both jeans and dressed trousers. A more versatile belt for your everyday life is hard to find. Wear it with a pair of penny loafers, stone-washed denims, a crisp white shirt and you're good-to-go.

Did you know our braided belts are hand-braided? A skill that requires many years of experience before mastering it. In fact, our craftsmen have been hand-picked and have been working with this particular craft for 20+ years.

It is a perfect gift to give to all your close family and friends, both men and women. As a matter of fact, my fiancée has our braided belt in her weekly belt rotation.

Oskar: The Penny Loafer - Black Suede

The Penny Loafer in black suede is an iconic model with a more contemporary choice of material that, in my opinion, is underrated. The rubber sole extends the possibilities of use until late autumn, and to some extent also winter, and I mean, who doesn’t want to wear loafers all year round?

I like to wear them with clothes of cold earthy tones of beige, taupe, and off-white. They also work really well with black jeans and a cashmere roll neck. However, I think they do best with a dark grey suit and thin tone-in-tone knitwear.

I would gift them to anyone, both men and women, who usually wears black, navy, or dark grey on a regular basis.

Tove: The Cedar Shoe Tree 02

To all the men in my family who already have everything, I’ll give a pair of The Cedar Shoe Tree 02. These shoe trees have an almost magical ability to maintain the shape and prolong the lifespan of your shoes by drawing out unwanted moisture and odour.

A little bonus is the lovely smell of cedarwood that will appear in the room after unwrapping them. Altogether, the ultimate Christmas gift.

Jesper: The Penny Loafer - Brown Suede

I want to recommend The Penny Loafer in Brown Suede. A true companion of mine that I wear almost daily. I mean a slip-on shoe that is so comfortable that it feels like only wearing socks. What is there not to love? The best part is that I can wear it both with a suit or more casual with a pair of jeans and a knitted sweater.

I would gift this to anyone who appreciates comfortable shoes but does not want to compromise on aesthetics.

Ebba: The Derby - Brown Suede

The perfect pair to put under the Christmas tree? Well I mean, just look at the Derby in Brown Suede for a moment. This is honestly the one product I promote the most from our collection, as I just love this model. And, I won’t stop haha.

The color of the suede goes extremely well with both a pair of stonewashed jeans or why not just a pair of Levi's 501 in white?

Wear them more casually with a t-shirt and a pair of sunnies a warm day in spring or on your walk during fall with that warm cup of coffee in your hand. This is a pair of shoes that everyone can rock, and you will look extremely good when doing so.

Casper: The Chelsea - Brown Calf

The Chelsea in Brown Calf has ever since I bought them earlier this fall been my go-to pair of footwear. I pair them with a pair of light-coloured denims or a classic pair of blue jeans. The soft contours and the slightly wider toe box really make this classic stand out from the crowd. But it's not only the elegant exterior that made me fall in love with these shoes, they are also extremely comfortable.

I would recommend The Chelsea in Brown Calf to everyone that is looking for a versatile and comfortable shoe to wear during both fall, winter, and spring.

Christopher: The Sneaker 02 - White Leather

I would recommend The Sneaker 02 as a gift for those who appreciate timeless classics but who also want quality and comfort.

The Sneaker 02 in white leather is my go-to shoe when I feel that I don't want to think twice about which shoes I should choose. These shoes work with everything from jeans and sweatshirts to more dressier trousers and knitted sweaters. It feels luxurious with its premium leather and waxed laces, and at the same time perfectly minimal with its clean lines and lack of logos.

Did I mentions that it's crazy comfortable as well?

Henrik: The Hiking Boot - Brown Suede

I love the hiking boot. It’s the perfect combined style of city and country. It’s durable, it’s comfortable, it’s good looking. And I love the fact that you can wear it with anything from jeans to tailoring and still look spot on.

Big-smile-guarantee gifts

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