The Espadrille in Suede

The Espadrille in suede is a great middle-ground for anyone who is looking to up their shoe game without it becoming too formal. With a suede upper and a jute sole, airiness and fresh feet is a fact.

The Belgian in Brown Suede

Clouds, Egyptian cotton, and vicuña all have something in common with our Belgian loafer. Soft. Extremely soft. With a padded sole and excellent suede quality, this neat loafer is the king of slippers. Working as well with your summery linen suit as with a favourite pair of ghurka shorts, The Belgian is optimal for any late summer outfit.

The Sneaker 02 in brown on brown

For late-night strolls in the sunset or lunch by the pier. The Sneaker 02 in brown suede with the colour-matched sole is a perfect sneaker for anyone looking for an elegant and slim silhouette while still being an everyday shoe at its core.

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