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5 shoes for summer

5 shoes for summer

When the sun is shining and the warmth is making us almost dizzy, the footwear choice of the day can be a make-it-or-break-it situation. Below, you'll find some of our summer-ready shoes for men to beat the heat effortlessly.

1. The Penny Loafer Unlined

What makes the unlined penny loafers suitable for summer?
Our unlined penny loafers are always top of mind in the summer season. The soft and thin materials not only make for an incredibly relaxed silhouette but, most importantly, they are a go-to choice for their breathability.

2. The Court Sneaker

Why is The Court Sneaker ideal for summer wear?
The Court Sneaker is a newcomer in the collection that quickly has become a favourite. Our most comfortable shoe to date that really works all year round but shines brightest during summers in the city. The supple leather and perforated toe box create a breathable construction whilst offering steady support for your body during long walks. Embrace the ultimate comfort and style with our versatile sneakers.

the court sneaker antique white the court sneaker antique white mobile
3. The Espadrille

What makes espadrilles a go-to summer shoe?
There isn’t much to be said that can be conveyed better than a simple look at this summer shoe. The Espadrille is crafted on a jute sole. The natural, hemp-like material is very porous and offers plenty of comfort and breeziness for your feet during any warm day.

4. The Driving Shoe

What makes the driving shoe a great choice for summer?
Our latest moccasin model in the collection is an iconic look for Mediterranean lounging. The thin construction and low-cut silhouette provide a sleek look for most looks to fit any occasion. The Driving Shoe is truly a shoe fit for dog days.

5. The Tassel Loafer

Why are tassel loafers considered a summer essential?
As classic as they may come, but an essential nonetheless. Crafted on our loafers last, which we designed to be generously fitting to accommodate most feet. If you want a shoe style as versatile as comfortable, The Tassel Loafer is your one-way ticket.