At MORJAS headquarters, we are firm believers in wearing loafers all year round. So before you throw them away for six months or more, hear us out. Loafers combined with sun and heat may seem like the ultimate companions – but there are plenty of ways to wear this iconic shoe model in the winter as well.

We would not recommend using loafers if it’s slippery slush or too much snow. But some packed snow and cold has not stopped us.

Our recommendations on how to survive the winter in a pair of loafers:

  • We choose to use loafers with rubber soles instead of leather soles. The rubber sole has a better grip and withstands wet surfaces better.

  • Wear loafers that are darker in color. It looks better from an aesthetic point of view this time of the year, but it is also more practical when it is wet and dirty outside.

  • Wear a slightly thicker wool sock to keep your feet warm.

  • If you’re using suede loafers, make sure to waterproof them.

Below we have selected some of our favorite looks when it comes to how to style the loafer in the winter.

The Rubber Sole Collection

Rubber sole is hard to beat when it comes to wearing loafers during winter. Explore our collection of loafers with rubber sole.

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