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The MORJAS Team Wishlist

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The season of giving is here. The team have composed a holiday wishlist of their favourite and most sought-after items we offer. Soak in the inspiration and find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you want to impress.

the-etui-black-grain-morjas the-etui-black-grain-morjas

Jack: The Etui

"I have been craving The Etui ever since I first laid eyes on it. The small and understated design fits right in with my aesthetic at home, and its practicability is excellent. I can store all kinds of items I care for in it. Jewellery, cufflinks and other small items can be stored safely and scratch-free in this charming little box."

- Jack

the toiletry bag black grain morjas the toiletry bag black grain morjas

Daniel: The Toiletry Bag

"There are many great options to choose from, but one item that I really am in need of is a good toiletry bag, so the choice is obvious. The Toiletry Bag has a super luxe feeling to it while it is very functional as well. I can store everything from perfumes to skin care products in it, and if I ever happen to spill some of the contents, the nylon lining is effortless to clean."

- Daniel

the card holder black grain morjas the card holder black grain morjas

Erik: The Card Holder

"I'm really in need of a new wallet, and what could be a better choice than The Card Holder. It has everything a traditional wallet has, except it's half the size. The interior of The Card Holder folds open, so all my private information is for my eyes only, while the grained leather provides an elevated take on a traditional design. Long gone will the days be carrying a George Costanza-esque bulge of a wallet."

- Erik

the-belt-black-grain-morjas the-belt-black-grain-morjas

Chris: The Belt

"There's one thing I could never have enough of - Belts. They are essential to almost every outfit and come in different colours and materials. So it's very easy to match with my shoes and the rest of my look. I'm especially a fan of The Belt in black grain, which is just a classic everyone should own."

- Chris

the passport holder black grain the passport holder black grain

Rasmus: The Passport Holder

"Who wouldn't want to be a jet-setter and be able to look the part? A passport holder is an excellent addition to anyone - especially if you enjoy travelling. The grained leather looks luxurious, and, while I have yet to experience it myself, the product team ensures me that it will become more beautiful each time I use it."

- Rasmus

the belgian brown deerskin the belgian brown deerskin

Lovisa: The Belgian

"Get cosy by an open fire while wearing the ultimate indoor shoe with The Belgian. This year, I'm giving my better half a pair of Belgian loafers in brown deerskin. The leather is super soft, and the silhouettes complement almost every outfit. Christmas is all about dressing nice and comfortably."

- Lovisa

The Alpine Boot Black Suede The Alpine Boot Black Suede

Henrik: The Alpine Boot

"Easy choice - The Alpine Boot. It's the perfect winter shoe for snowy, cold days. The fur makes them super warm, while the lack of lacing makes them oh-so-easy to slip in. Simply put, the quintessential winter boot."

- Henrik

the chelsa boot brown suede the chelsa boot brown suede

Martina: The Chelsea

"The Chelsea is one of my most favourite shoe designs. They are super easy to slip into, while the rough sole gives you enough traction to tread through any terrain. While it has many perks with its sole, it is equally lovely to dress up and wear to the office. So for me, this is definitely at the top of my wishlist."

- Martina

MORJAS Universe The Penny Loafer MORJAS Universe The Penny Loafer

Simon: MORJAS UNIVERSE - The Penny Loafer

"My all-time favourite product that we offer can't be any other than The Penny Loafer. Every detail about the shoe is meticulously crafted, and it's simply a great piece of craftsmanship. Although, if you were to play it smart, I would get my next pair from MORJAS Universe. It's where we sell all shoes we use for shoots or shoes with minimal defects - for a much better price. I’ve had the privilege to visit our factory in Spain, and I have gotten to know the hard work and long hours spent to craft every single pair first hand. In other words: It's a steal."

- Simon

the sock morjas the sock morjas

Jesper: The Sock

"Why am I last? It feels like everyone wants exactly the same as I do. Although, they missed the best and most classic gift of them all - The Sock. Coming in two different lengths, Knee-high and mid-calf, and in many different colours, they are simply the most effortless but appreciated gift one could give. Few things are as satisfying as putting on a brand-new pair of socks."

- Jesper


There you have it, our most sought-after gifts. So take on the opportunity to treat yourself or someone you love with a gift they will cherish for years to come. Pro tip: use the “Share wishlist” function to send a little hint to someone struggling to find the perfect gift.