It was a crisp, sunny day in September 2021 when I first met Patrik Guggenberger in our Showroom in Stockholm looking for The Belgian.

Patrik wore a long, black coat in mesmerizing cashmere, paired with an all-black outfit with smoky sunglasses. I was blown away by his style and calm mystique. Patrik is a Stockholm-based designer currently working at a Swedish fashion brand.

At that time, we didn’t have The Belgian in stock. When we tweak our designs, we do it until they’re 100%. This was the case with The Belgian, and it wasn’t ready to launch just yet. But I always had him in mind for the eventual release. I just thought, with his look, that he had to be a part of the launch somehow.

Fast-forward to March 2022. I was walking in the afternoon light on my way to meet Patrik again to figure out a plan for the photo shoot over a glass of wine. It was one of those days when Spring was around the corner and expectations were in the air.

A glass of wine later, the inspiration flowed like water as we talked about how we wanted to frame the campaign. With Patrik’s eye for details and fondness for earthy tones, we set the mood and location together, with an ambience we both esteemed. It turned out beautiful.

“The Belgian is easy to style and the perfect shoe for everyday use. It is also very versatile, I can wear it to the grocery store, but also to a gala."

- Patrik Guggenberger

“It is possible to style it with jeans, a suit and anything in-between. I’ll wear this timeless classic until it’s all worn out.”

- Patrik Guggenberger

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