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How to style medium brown suede


Medium brown suede, also known as tan suede, is one of our permanent colours. It goes with everything from white to blue and it adds that crisp feeling to every outfit.

At MORJAS we have both tan suede loafers and tan suede chelsea boots. It’s definitely not only a shade for summer. Our medium brown suede boots, or tan boots if that’s what you prefer to call them, are popular during the colder months as well. But, we’re heading towards summer so let’s focus on this part of the year.

How to style tan suede? It’s easy to wear and easy to pair since it goes with a lot of colours. Style it with blue jeans, white jeans or a blue suit and you’re good to go. Are you looking for belts in this beautiful colour? We offer medium brown suede belts as well. Although it’s definitely a good idea to match a brown suede belt with a pair of medium brown suede loafers. It’s never wrong to bring some contrast into an outfit.

Below, we’ve collected some outfits to get into the vibe of what this colour has to offer.

tan-suede-medium-brown-suede-loafers1 tan-suede-medium-brown-suede-loafers1

The Penny Loafer in Medium Brown Suede

tan-suede-medium-brown-suede-loafers tan-suede-medium-brown-suede-loafers
tan-suede-medium-brown-suede-loafers1 tan-suede-medium-brown-suede-loafers1