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Back to work: How to dress?

back to work how to dress hero

We are returning to work and it’s time to clean out the lightweight summer wardrobe and prepare for autumn and heavier garments. But how on earth should you dress? There is no longer an obvious answer, but let us guide you with some inspirational way-to-go outfits for fall.

Even before the pandemic, more and more employers went from traditional, stricter dress codes to more casual as the time went on. So the answer to the question “how to dress this fall for work” is: it matters what industry you work in and also what you feel comfortable in.

Whether you have returned to the office or if it’s video calls that still applies, we usually want to look sharp at work. We want to make a good impression. We are firm believers in routines even when working from home.

Let’s share some got-to rules to get your day going. Wake up, get some fresh air, a steady breakfast and a cup of joe. Brush your teeth, comb your hair and apply your favourite cologne. Put on a nice shirt, some trousers and slide your feet into some comfy indoor slippers or elegant outdoor wear for your feet. You might be wondering: “Hey, why all these, way-too-many, efforts?”. Well, you will get in to a serious work-mode and it will make you feel that you’ve made an effort to be the best possible version of you.

To help you look sharp this autumn at work, we have hand-picked our favourite autumn looks:


Style it like Victor Rotting: A roll-neck, a suede jacket and The Penny Loafer in Brown Suede.

single monkstrap1

Do you want to look sharp? Get dressed up like our friend Fredrik Karlsson combined with The Single Monkstrap in Brown Suede.

chelsea-medium brown suede

Or dress casual, yet dressed up, in earthy tones like Felix Civalero combined with The Chelsea in Medium Brown Suede.


A trench, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of tassels: easy as that. Ismaël Choron wearing The Tassel Loafer in Black Calf.


Victor Rotting wearing a simple and crisp autumn outfit combined with The Penny Loafer in Black Calf. 


Looking for more casual but trendy go-to looks? Check out how Kevis styles it with The Trainer in White leather and The Belt Brown Braided.

Our collection is developed to meet the everyday needs from casual style to business attire. We create high-quality shoes with a timeless design. Our shoes were essential 50 years ago. They are today. And they will be for the 50 years to come. Treat them well and they will be a life-long partner for many, many back-to-work looks to come.