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The Sneaker is the result of 2 years of intense product development in the search of the ideal version of a timeless, sharp and versatile sneaker. It’s made on our specially developed sole in off-white which features a plain front and a 3.1cm height. Equipped with our engraved logotype on the heel.

The Sneaker is made in unlined cow suede for a soft, sleek and good-looking fit. We’ve added a cushioning insole for increased arch support.

Featuring signature laces which are treated with wax for a somewhat stiffer and sharper look. An additional pair of flat laces are included in the shoe box.

SKU: 11301

* Unlined calf suede * Cushioning insole * Two pair of laces included: flat & Morjas signature * Specially developed sole in rubber
Fits true to size. Take the size you normally wear in other sneakers. Only available in full sizes, go up to the nearest whole size if you are in between sizes.
The suede is pre-treated with a protecting spray in the factory. A big misbelief is that suede is sensitive and hard to treat—this is not true. Suede is probably the easiest and most thankful material to care for. No wax is needed. No cream. The suede is a natural material which means that exposure to some rain and dirt is not a biggie – just treat with a brush and protective spray regularly for long-lasting wear. Tip #1: Keep a brush in your hallway. Quickly brush off the shoes after each wear. This allows for the suede to stay rich and not build continuous layers of dirt. Tip #2: Treat your shoes with a suede protective spray regularly. Keep 15-20cm distance when spraying. Tip #3: When the rubber soles get dirty, use acetone or nail polish remover. Apply the remover on cotton pads and clean the sole. Try on a small part of the sole before doing the full treatment. Tip #4: When doing a more extensive treatment, start by removing the laces. Brush the shoes with a suede brush. If the suede has become a bit hairy, remove the hair with a lighter. Keep a bit of distance when removing with fire and use only the “tip” of the the flame to avoid the risk of burn marks. Try on a small part of the shoe before doing the whole shoe. Then brush again or simply remove excessive hair with your hands. Spray the shoes with a protective spray. Apply the laces again, preferably a new fresh pair if the worn laces have had their days of glory. Tip #5: If your suede starts becoming a bit “hairy”, remove the hair with the fire of a lighter. Keep some distance to the shoes so only the “top” of the flame is applied to the shoes to avoid the risk of burning marks. Tip #6: Use shoe trees in cedar wood. The cedar wood evaporates moisture and eliminates any undesirable odors. It also helps to maintain shape and structure. Tip #7: When taking off the shoes, do not remove one shoe by putting the heel to the other shoe as support. This will wear out the heels quicker. Remove the shoes with your hands instead. Shop care products for sneakers

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