The Derby

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The Derby in black grain is Goodyear welted on a rubber sole and soft calf leather for unrivalled comfort and durability. Featuring a vertical storm welt which acts like a protecting wall for durability and longevity. Perfect as a daily companion to both denim and tailoring.

* Crafted by hand in Spain * Goodyear welted * Storm welt * Full leather lining * Rubber sole
Fits true to size: Take your normal size that you wear in other dress shoes.
Eliminate any excess dirt with a damp soft cloth. Brush the leather outer with a high-quality shoe cream in a suitable colour, which will help to protect the leather and restore the natural oils lost during outdoor wear. Buff any excess cream with a dry cloth to achieve a natural shine. If your leather feels especially dry, use a shoe conditioner before the cream to increase longevity. Some tips to follow, ensuring the longevity of your shoes: 1. Alternate between wears: Let your shoes rest after wear and rotate between your styles. The shoes need time to recover from the humidity produced by your feet and the outdoor elements. 2. Use shoe trees: Shoe trees will help maintain the shape and structure in between wears. Using our specially crafted cedar shoe trees will encourage the evaporation of moisture and eliminate any undesirable odors. 3. Use a shoehorn: Using a shoehorn will protect the counter ensuring your shoes maintain their proper fit and comfort.

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