I am Christin, E Commerce Manager at MORJAS. As I am the only non-Swedish person in the MORJAS team I am trying my best to discover Sweden in my freetime as much as possible. And sometimes you even get around more than the locals. Right from the start, I was totally impressed by the stunning nature here. A European capital but so much water and nature around – That amazed me right from the start. So it might be obvious how I spent most of my weekends here: In Nature! Let’s discover some of my most favourite places together:


Gålö Havsbadet

If it is sunny or rainy, Gålö Havsbadet is always worth a visit and one of the places I enjoy being the most. I have been checking out a lot of nature reserves around Stockholm but for me nothing beats this one path there which is leading you all the way by the water. Take some fika with you and enjoy the stunning view from one of the rocks over the waterfront.


Trosa is a small, cute town around 1h from Stockholm, I went there quite often when friends and family from Germany were visiting. A lot of colorful houses along a canal are leading you to the city center. When you continue you get to the harbour. A super nice spot to buy a cup of coffee and sit there in the sun watching the boots leaving towards the sea.

Äppelfabrikens Musteri & Café, Svartsjö

This is a cozy café on the countryside especially in autumn when they start producing apple cider close to the café. You can sit in the garden under an apple tree or stroll around their gardening shop. A great place to relax especially after a nice walk on Svartsjö or Ekerö.


Of course, there is a lot to discover in Stockholm’s archipelago, but my favorite island is Grinda. It takes about 1h to take the ferry from Stockholm to Grinda. A nice day trip where you can discover the little island by hiking around and end your visit with a coffee on the terrace of Grinda’s wärdshus.

As there is so much to discover, here are some more recommendations:

  • A walk in Hellasgården

  • A hike in Tyresta Nationalpark

  • A coffee at Solbrännan Restaurang och Café

  • A Saturday lunch at Kärleksbaren on Bockholmen

  • A swim at Brunnsviken

  • A visit in the little town of Mariefred

  • A fika at Café Uddvillan

  • A Sunday afternoon on Lidingö (Museum: Millesgården)

  • Another nice spot in the archipelago: Värmdö (Museum: Artipelag)

  • A waffle at Café Notholmen (Tyresö)

  • A walk in “Paradiset” nature reserve

  • A trip to the island Sandhamn

We would be happy to hear more about your favourite places in Stockholm and its surroundings. Feel free to share your ideas and recommendations with us!





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