Either we do it unquestionably well, or we don’t do it at all. Early in 2020, we sat down around the drawing board with our craftsmen at our factory in Felgueiras, Portugal, to go through all the details. After multiple visits and video calls during the product development phase, we finally confirmed the new The Sneaker 02. Our goal with this model was to develop a timeless and classic sneaker with sleek, sharp and low lines. Our vision when developing new products is that they will be as relevant today as in 10 or 25 years.

Let us give some insights from the story behind The Sneaker 02.

The History

The launch of The Sneaker 01 with its specific characteristics featured a slightly higher-than-average 3.1cm sole and an unlined suede upper. We knew that we wanted to develop a more minimalistic sneaker inspired by sleek tennis silhouettes that could be worn all four seasons. After several samples, prototypes and colour matching, we ended up with The Sneaker 02 – a sleek and timeless sneaker. Perfect to pair with your favorite denim or tailored trousers.

The Construction

Our guidelines when developing The Sneaker 02: Comfortable, sleek, and versatile.

Let us begin with the overall construction. The upper and the fit are slightly narrower, and together with the lower (2.2cm) Margom outsole, it forms a great-looking silhouette. We added an inner lining and used minimally padding along the side panels to achieve a thin and soft feeling and impression. It was essential for us, and we spent a lot of time developing the toe area. The result: a fairly low, rounded and slim toe part to match the rest of the shoe. One of the most important areas of a shoe to fit well is the shape of the heel. We developed a slightly concave angle to improve the fit and the heel to firmly grip inside the shoe. Inside, we use a removable insole that’s cushion-built with arch support suitable for long walks.

At Morjas, we’re always all about creating classic and timeless products without big flashy logos.

If you know, you know.

We launched The Sneaker 02 in two different kinds of materials, both in leather and suede. We use a full-grain leather sourced from an Italian tannery with a natural graining to add more character. Our soft suede is also sourced from Italy, well known for its rich colour and nap giving it more life.

If we spent too much time on the laces? Yes. We’ve always been obsessed with laces since we believe it’s such a big part of a shoe’s aesthetics. So, we developed a flat lace with quite a lot of wax. Adding wax improves both durability and protects the laces from dirt better over time. It also gives that new, crisp feeling that we love.

The Outsole

We source our outsoles from well-known Margom in Italy. What separates Margom from other soles on the market is the quality, durability, and sleek design. We wanted to match the minimalistic silhouette from the upper as well with the outsole. The result was almost a magical match when we put it together. The bottom of the outsole is designed with small straight lines with a 3cm Morjas logo engraved in the middle of the outsole.

Made by us, for you

How would we pair The Sneaker 02? Well, sometimes less is more. The design of the shoe is minimalistic and sleek and the same goes for how we would pair it together with clothes. Something as easy going as a white t-shirt and a pair of loose beige linen trousers and you're good to go.<br /> <br /> We’re continuously improving and adjusting small details that the naked eye might not see, such as the thread thickness, materials used on the inside and millimeter adjustments on the different patterns. These small details are important to us and a core principle in our DNA to always take things to the next level and deliver WOW – to you, our customers.

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