Easy choice for me. The Penny Loafer in Unlined Suede and The Espadrille in canvas. Both shoes share one vital quality - they are super breathable. The unlined penny loafer will be my partner in crime for all those days where dressing up is required; going for dinner, visiting museums and enjoying drinks. The Espadrille, with its breathable canvas upper and airy jute sole, will join me on the beach-side walk with an ice-cold gelato in my hand.


So many shoes, so little room in my luggage. For vacation, bringing more shoes than needed is a curse, so for this year, I'm playing it smart. My close confidant will be The Espadrille and, well, not a shoe, but the perfect accessory - The Braided Belt in black suede. Matching my black suede espadrille with the same hue as my belt is the perfect detail that makes any summer outfit stand out. 


Easy question with an easy answer. The Sneaker 02 is the shoe that will join me for the long barbeque nights in the summer warmth. The suede breathes nicely, and I can wear them on any occasion. It's a great compromise when you don't really need to dress up, but you still want to have a calm and collected essence about you. 


If I could, I'd bring them all. However, If I only could choose two, I would go with The Belgian and The Espadrille. Similar in size and weight, but can be used for many different occasions. The Belgian is super light and sports a very incognito silhouette, meaning that I can use it for dinner with friends, nights out and anything in-between. While The Espadrille shares many qualities with The Belgian, this beach-ready shoe is a more relaxed alternative that works for more daily activities - even though I like to wear it to more formal avenues as well.

So, now that you know what we’re bringing, what shoes are you wearing on vacation? Take a look at our summer essential collection below.

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