Every quarter we summarize our total sales for the period and donate 1% of those earnings straight to The Shoe That Grows. In earlier posts we’ve told the story behind this foundation which you can read here. To date we’ve donated a total of $35,680 which equals 1784 pairs of shoes.

In addition to this contribution we’re also very motivated to help stimulate local production and job creation. How? The Shoe That Grows manufacture their shoes locally in Mombasa, Kenya. Using the local resources is a key in philantrophy, otherwise you might risk erupting and de-motivate the local growth and development.

Concrete example: if you send food to a place in need you still the hunger. But if you send the food and then stimulate local efforts to plant seeds for future food you get the best of two worlds: you still the hunger plus invigorate growth.

The Shoe That Grows partners with one factory in Mombasa who produce all of their shoes right now. It currently employed 20 people working solely with The Shoe That Grows.

"We partner with one factory located in Mombasa, Kenya, who produce all of our shoes right now. They are awesome. For the moment there are 20 employees working only with shoes for The Shoe That Grows which is amazing."

- Kenton Lee, Founder The Shoe That Grows

330 pairs donated during Q3 2021
.1784 pairs in total since start.
$35,680 donated in total.

Thank you for helping us contribute to The Shoe That Grows, which goes beyond “just” donating shoes.

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