Purpose of a shoe tree

The primary purposes of shoe trees are:

1. To reduce moisture between wears.

2. Their foot-shaped construction helps hold the shoe’s shape and prevents creasing from appearing when not being worn.

Shoes can take up to 24 hours to fully dry. We recommend rotating your shoes throughout the week, not using the same shoes two days in a row.

If creasing is already visible on the shoes, shoe trees may reduce creases’ appearance but won’t eliminate them entirely. That being said, shoe creasing is a normal part of wearing shoes.

Shoe tree construction

Shoe trees are constructed into two or three solid parts: a front part resembling the forefoot and a back part resembling the heel. The two parts will be spring-loaded to accommodate varying sizes of shoes and provide a more customized fit. Some models have a front part divided into two pieces. These two pieces are also spring-loaded to provide a more custom fit in the shoe’s front.

Shoe trees come in many different materials and shapes. We have two different shoe trees: The Cedar Shoe Tree and The Cedar Shoe Tree 02. They’re both made in high-quality and the difference is the construction where The Cedar Shoe Tree 02 is made in one piece of wood with metal hinges for strength and ease of use. The back part of the shoe trees are especially designed with an easy-to-grip shape when picking up your shoes from the floor or wardrobe. We strongly recommend using shoe trees made out of cedar wood because of their ability to wick away moisture and prevent odor.

A pair of shoe trees of high quality require little maintenance and will last a lifetime. However, it is a good idea to once a year use extra fine-grit sandpaper to open up the wood’s grain.

How to use shoe trees

After a day of wearing your shoes, install the shoe trees shortly after and let them be placed inside the shoes when not being worn. The shoe tree will absorb the moisture and also maintain the shoe’s original shape.

  1. Insert the front of the shoe tree into the shoe and make sure that it’s pushed as far forward as possible in the front of the toe area.

  2. When inserting the heel part of the shoe tree into the shoe, compress the spring-loaded mechanism and slide the back part into the shoe’s heel.

A pair of shoe trees should fit your shoes well. If they move around inside the shoe after being inserted, they are likely too small. If you’re experiencing a hard time fitting the shoe trees even after compressing the spring fully, they’re probably too big.

Our shoe trees have been specially developed to fit the size of our MORJAS shoes. For example, if your MORJAS shoes are in size UK 8 or UK 8,5, we recommend choosing size UK 8 in our shoe trees.


Our Cedar Shoe Tree Collection

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