Combining shorts and shoes can be tricky. To get it right, we believe you need to find a nice balance between the two. Running shoes to running shorts and casual, yet elegant, shoes to more dressier shorts. We always like to keep things simple, yet sharp. We believe in less is more and when it comes to combining shorts together with shoes, that’s the key.

Even though a few people might be able to pull off the loafers and shorts combo, we believe that shorts goes better together with more casual shoes such as The Espadrille or The Sneaker 02. As always, a crisp outfit combined with a crisp pair of shoes is always a good idea.

Here’s some of our favorite ways to wear shorts together with shoes:

Earthy Tones + White

Pairing earthy tones with white gives that summer fresh look suitable for the warmer days during this period of the year.

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