The Passport Holder

As simple as it is beautiful, The Passport Holder is a perfect and straightforward gift that ages gracefully throughout the years. It's crafted by hand and comes in soft, grained leather in brown or black.

The Belt

A gift as classy as your father. The Belt in burgundy calf is a timeless classic in a suave, yet understated, colourway that goes with everything from denim to fine tailoring.

The Alpine Boot

Feel extra charitable? Then look no further than The Alpine Boot — a soft and opulent boot with lush fur lining. With only a zipper to close the boot, its ease and comfortability will make it your dad's absolute go-to winter shoe.

The sock

Maybe the most quintessential gift of all time — Socks. Our socks come in both mid-calf and knee-high lengths in many different colours. This is the one gift that will always go home as a winner.

Other dad-compatible gifts

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