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”Nestled behind majestic valleys of olive trees lies the small town of Ubrique with over 150 years of tradition and craftsmanship.”
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The Town of Ubrique

It all started with the women of Ubrique, who began the history of craftsmanship in the village by stitching tobacco pouches called petacas. Even today, people from Ubrique are called petaqueros. Traditionally, people would take the leather goods home to finish after dinner around the dining table. Whole families partook in helping each other to stitch the goods, even the youngest in the family, which created a unique and inherited understanding of the craft.

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It began in the late 1890s, and it never stopped after that. Most of the industry in the town is dedicated to the leather industry. There’s someone who makes the glue, someone who produces the machines and someone who services them. It’s a circular industry. That’s what separates Ubrique from other towns.

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“For us, hiring people who know every step of the production is important. We’re very craftsmanship oriented. All of our workers know from start to finish how a wallet is cut, made and stitched together, which I think is very important. We don’t work with a chain process - which is also fine to do - but that is not how we do it in Ubrique. And that’s something we’re very proud of.”

- Tony, Production Manager

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”Two years ago, I set out to find the right craftsmen who could help us create what we had for so long envisioned. I searched everywhere and became frustrated to see that the details we wanted couldn’t be made to our standards. That is until I heard about a small small town in the Cádiz region of Spain called Ubrique. Without hesitation, I packed my things. After narrow, winding roads and rolling hills, I finally arrived. And Ubrique delivered. I was enamoured by the town. For generations, the tradition of the craft had been protected and kept alive. I quickly understood that if this project was coming to fruition, it was here.

2 years in the making, numerous visits to Ubrique and many samples later - We proudly present our curated collection of Small Leather Goods.

- Simon Malmberg, Chief Product Officer

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Small Leather Goods

This is our collection of leather accessories, a curation of products we’ve longed for ourselves. We approached it the same way as always. Contemporary design thinking with a timeless execution, matched with over 150 years of craftsmanship.

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