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Our Social Mission

social mission 1% donated
1% donated
Every quarter between 2017-2023 we've donated 1% of our total revenue to The Shoe That Grows
social mission Donated in total
USD donated in total 2017-2023
pairs donated in total
Pairs donated in total between 2017-2023

From 2017 to 2023, we have given 1% of our revenue to help children walk in shoes to protect their feet. We've done this by partnering with our friends at The Shoe That Grows. With your help, we use the positive innovation cycle to fight against the negative cycle of poverty.

the-shoe-that-grows-fitting-bw-morjas the-shoe-that-grows-fitting-bw-morjas

The Shoe That Grows

Developed after seeing children at orphanages in Kenya walking barefoot since they outgrew their shoes at an extreme pace, Kenton Lee decided to develop a shoe that can actually grow. With its expandable mechanic, it can grow in 5 sizes and in 3 different ways: at the front, on the sides and at the back.

hands up for charity
The power of you
Each purchase from 2017 - 2023 has directly contributed to The Shoe That Grows.
holding earth
Local production
The Shoe That Grows produce their shoes locally in Kenya.
created to grow
Designed to grow
The Shoe That Grows expands five sizes, with the same mechanics as a belt.
local-production-the-shoe-that-grows local-production-the-shoe-that-grows

Local production

By focusing on local production, The Shoe That Grows creates jobs where the shoes are most commonly distributed. In the last 1,5 years, 40 jobs have been created in Kenya alone.