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Wedding shoes for men: What to wear?


Whether you’re the bold type who appreciate the moments when you can finally wear the opera pump or the more classic Oxford type-of-guy, it can still be a tough decision to pick the right style for a wedding. In this post we guide you on our recommended go-to rules for different dress codes.

And yes, we are avid lovers of bending and stretching the rules, but for wedding occasions we recommend to play it safe just for the sake of respect for the wedding couple, this is their day and they’ve decided on the particular attire — not you.

andreas-weinas-suit-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men andreas-weinas-suit-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men


This is the dress code when the wedding couple wants you to dress up in a suit. The particular name for the dress code can vary, but when you are expected to wear a suit we recommend to wear one in dark navy. Shirt? White, blue, blue with small white stripes, blue with small checks. Tie? 100%. If you wear a shirt without any pattern you can go with a tie with pattern. If your shirt is striped or checked, we recommend going for a non-patterned tie in order to create a well-balanced outfit. 

Shoes: Oxford’s in black calf is by far the safest bet. 

Image: Andreas Weinås wearing a double breasted chalk striped suit with a white-blue-lined shirt and dark navy grenadine tie. Wearing The Oxford in black calf for our campaign back in 2018. A good reference for a formal wedding occasion when the dress code is formal/suit.

The Oxford
black-tie-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men black-tie-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men

Black Tie

The name says it all. Probably the most straightforward dress code.

Shoes: Oxford’s in black patent or Opera Pumps in black patent. If you are attending a party which is not a wedding, e.g. new year’s eve or a birthday party you can wear the Opera pump in velvet. But this is more suitable for fall/winter and again, not recommended for a wedding. Better to play it safe and formal with patent leather.

Can you wear oxfords in calf leather to black tie? Well of course you can, but it will not look nearly as good as if you wear a pair in patent leather. And you might come across as someone who doesn’t have good clue in what and what not to wear during different occasions.

Image: Black tie as styled by Morjas for the Christmas campaign in December 2020

Wedding shoes
white-tie-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men white-tie-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men

White Tie (also known as evening wear or full dress)

Probably one of the most formal dress codes. When wearing a white tie please have a look at how they dressed in white tie during the early 1900s. What you want is a black line going all the way from top to bottom, with minimum visibility of the white waistcoat. You want the ending line of the jacket to finish just where the trousers start. See images for reference and inspiration.

Shoes: Opera pumps in black patent. Yes, some people find these hard to wear but it’s time you take a stand and show the strong character you are. Wear them with charisma and confidence and you will be the most elegant and stylish man at the party.

Still unsure? Then The Oxford in black patent is your go-to alternative.

Always, always, always wear patent leather with white tie.

Image: White tie illustrated, circa 1930s

The Opera Pump
king-felipe-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men king-felipe-guide-shoes-for-wedding-men

The King of Spain Felipe VI wearing white tie impeccably. Notice the black line from top to bottom and the perfect pleats on the trousers.