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The Shoe That Grows

Shoe That Grows

Since we started working together with our non profit partner The Shoe That Grows in November 2018 we have, thanks to you, donated over 400 pairs of shoes to kids in need.

The Shoe That Grows

1% of our sales goes straight to The Shoe That Grows to help children in need get access to shoes where most needed.

The Shoe That Grows is a specially developed shoe that can actually grow in sizes. The idea was born after the founder, Kenton Lee, visited Kenya and saw that many children outgrow donated shoes within a year, leaving them once again exposed to illness and disease. The Shoe expands and can grow in 5 sizes, allowing for many years of use. You are a part of this and we thank you for contributing to the support of our social mission.

Morjas Social MIssion

Local Production

The Shoe That Grows is now entirely manufactured in Kenya – bringing 15 jobs to a local factory on the coast. We are thrilled about this local production and love working with our factory partner who also shares the purpose of our mission.

The Shoe That Grows 2

Comment from Kenton Lee, Founder The Shoe That Grows

“Thank you so much for your financial support for our cause. It means so much to have you in our corner. And we are so honored that you would continue your donations even when life and business are very difficult all around the world during this unprecendted time. Your sacrificial generosity during a difficult time helps us immensely. Thank you.”

The Shoe That Grows 3

Morjas Social Mission