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The Shoe That Grows: Q2 2021


At MORJAS we’re committed to deliver value to our customers, to our team and our community. It’s our small eco system. Our small universe. Our mission. When investing in something from MORJAS you’re directly contributing with 1% to our non-profit partner The Shoe That Grows who produces and gives shoes to kids in need.

It’s that time again. That time when we want to let you know how much you’ve contributed to help us evolve our social mission. Our social mission is one of the main parts of MORJAS. During Q2 2021 we’ve donated 332 pairs to children who needs it.

We’re thankful because we know this makes a difference. It makes a difference for the local community since the shoes are locally produced in Kenya, which allows for job creation and economy stimulation at the source. During Q1 we donated 158 pairs, hence you’ve helped us to almost double it during Q2. Thank you.

Do you want to read some quick facts about The Shoe That Grows? We’ve collected it here.

332 pairs donated during Q2 2021.
1454 pairs donated in total.
$29 080 donated.