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The Shoe That Grows: Q1 2021 update


At MORJAS we’re committed to deliver value to our customers, to our team and our community. It’s our small eco system. Our small universe. Our mission. When investing in something from MORJAS you’re directly contributing with 1% to our non-profit partner The Shoe That Grows who produces and gives shoes to kids in need.

During Q1 2021 we have donated money that gives 158 pair of shoes to children. Since the start of our partnership with The Shoe That Grows in November 2018 we’ve donated a total amount of 1,120 pair of shoes. That’s pretty amazing. And yes, it sounds cliche but it’s true: it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for our customers. Again, you are the ones that make this possible. Thank you.

Some quick facts:

What is The Shoe That Grows?
The Shoe That Grows is a product that can actually grow in size. It works like a belt so you can adjust the length of the shoe making it possible for kids to wear the shoes longer.

Where is it from?
The Shoe That Grows is part of the non-profit organization Because International which is based in Idaho, USA.

Where are the shoes produced?
This is the best part. The shoes are locally produced in Kenya, which allows for job creation and economy stimulation at the source.
By manufacturing in the country which the shoes are also distributed we avoid unnecessary shipping and help grow the community where it’s most needed: both in terms of production and distribution.

Who founded The Shoe That Grows?
Kenton Lee. Kenton travelled around Africa after his university studies and visited orphanages. He came across several challenges and the one that stood out was that many kids walked around barefoot. A small scratch can cause a serious infection. So Kenton decided to do something about it.

How do you work with The Shoe That Grows?
We work directly with the team at Because International and get 100% transparency where the funds are used. This is a smaller non-profit which allows us to contribute at the source. If there’s anything you’re curious to know more about we’d be happy to hear from you.

kenton-lee-q1-2021 kenton-lee-q1-2021

”We have shoes, we have kids who need shoes, and what we are looking for are partners who can fund the costs of making this happen. And your generosity brings the funds - that’s pretty cool.”

- Kenton Lee
Founder, The Shoe That Grows

The Shoe That Grows Q1 2021 The Shoe That Grows Q1 2021

158 pairs donated during Q1 2021.
1,120 pairs in total since start.
$22,400 donated.