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The Shoe That Grows

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Did you know that we donate 1% of our sales to our non-profit partner The Shoe That Grows?
We started our partnership in November 2018 which is growing day by day. And who do we have to thank for that? You.

Quarterly update – The Shoe that grows

At MORJAS, we are committed to deliver value to our customers, our team and our community.
1% of our sales are donated to our non-profit partner The Shoe That Grows.
Since November 2018 we’ve had a close relationship that started as a seed and has now grown into a fruit.

Each quarter we compile how much we’ve sold for and then donate 1% of that to The Shoe That Grows.
During Q3 our donations resulted in 198 pairs donated.
So far, we’ve donated a total amount of 602 pairs which is beyond exciting.

What is The Shoe That Grows?
The actual shoe is exactly what is sounds like. A shoe that can grow in sizes.
The idea was born after Kenton Lee (founder) saw that many children in Africa walk in shoes that are cut in the front since they outgrow them so fast.
A small scratch can then become a serious infection. The Shoe That Grows solves this by using the same technique as a belt, so the shoe can actually grow up to 5 sizes.

We are immensely proud to be working with such a passionate organization. The Shoe That Grows stimulates local economy by manufacturing locally in Kenya and Ethiopia.
It attacks the root cause to the problem and solves the issue at the source.
When investing in a pair of Morjas you are personally contributing to the positive cycle of innovation. Thank you.

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