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NYE | 3 drinks for the festivities

3 drinks for NYE

Whether you will be at a rooftop bar in Hong Kong, at an intimate dinner party in Stockholm or at a wild party in Athens, toast the new year with one of these delicious cocktails.

french 75 1200x1200 french 75 1200x1200

French 75

A true classic consisting of gin, lemon, sugar and champagne. Looking for an alcohol-free option? Replace the champagne and gin with non-alcoholic sparkling wine and gin.


• 3 cl Gin
• 2 cl Lemon juice
• 2 cl Simple syrup
• 5 cl Champagne
• Garnish: Lemon twist


• Shake the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker with some ice.
• Strain into a champagne flute
• Top with champagne
• Garnish with lemon twist

moscow mule 1200x1200 moscow mule 1200x1200

Moscow Mule

A simple yet wonderful cocktail with a fresh taste of lime and ginger. Replace vodka with club soda for a non-alcoholic alternative.


• 4 cl Vodka
• 2 cl Lime juice
• 15 cl Ginger beer
• Ice cubes
• Garnish: Lime and mint leaves


• Fill a Moscow Mule mug with vodka, lime juice and ice.
• Add ginger beer.
• Garnish with lime and mint leaves.

negroni 1200x1200 negroni 1200x1200


A team-favourite at MORJAS HQ. A bitter cocktail that oozes elegance.


• 3 cl Gin
• 3 cl Sweet vermouth
• 3 cl Campari
• One big ice cube
• Garnish: Orange twist


• Add gin, Campari, vermouth and a lot of ice in a mixing glass and stir until chilled. 
• Strain into a glass with one big ice cube.
• Garnish with an orange twist.