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MuleBoyz Gift Guide

mulebouz gift guide hero1

The namesake duo behind @muleboyz and The Muler Report podcast, Jian Deleon and Noah Thomas, aka The MuleBoyz, visit the blog to share their favourite gifts of the season.

the sock the sock

Jian: The Sock

Ribbed black socks are the one thing I keep consistent in my wardrobe, and they make a great gift in multi-packs like this.

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the belgian in brown suede the belgian in brown suede

Noah: The Belgian in brown suede

Loafers seem like the only type of footwear that makes me feel like I've made a substantial shoe purchase these days. But now that I'm in this phase of my life, it's time to hit the different types of loafers, and I definitely need a good pair of Belgian loafers to keep the collection strong, versatile, legitimate.

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fashion killa fashion killa

Jian: Sowmya Krishnamurthy's latest book

I've been reading Sowmya Krishnamurthy's latest book about the convergence of high fashion and hip-hop, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who's a fan of either.

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the etui in black grain the etui in black grain

Noah: The Etui in black grain

It's these types of accessories that set you apart from everyone else. Attention to detail is key, so of course, having a designated place specifically for cuff links is a must.

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the belt in sand suede the belt in sand suede

Jian: The Belt in sand suede

Belts in unconventional materials and colors are the perfect thing to get the kind of guy who has everything. It feels equal parts indulgent and thoughtful.

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brioni perfume brioni perfume

Noah: Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense

I know most people prefer to have a signature scent, but I actually prefer variety. As long as I smell good, I'm fine. I also enjoy bottle designs. Collectors collect; it's hard not to when it's a quality product that comes in all shapes and sizes and, in this case, smells too.

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