We are excited to welcome Andreas Weinås as Guest Editor on the Morjas Blog. Twice a month Andreas will share his thoughts around style, life and history.

We sat down with Andreas to learn more about the man who to many has become the go-to inspiration for timeless style.


My wife Viola and our dog Bamse.

What do you have for breakfast?
My own version of scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese or a beautiful Eggs Benedict on a weekend.

Favourite coffee?
Espresso or Lungo depending on the mood. My Nespresso machine is probably the most beloved part of my kitchen 😉

Favourite drink for an aperitif?
An ice cold and bone-dry Martini Cocktail with a lemon twist or a glass of champagne.

Favourite song?
At the moment it is Phil Collins “Sussudio”.

Favourite movie?

Dream car?
A Ferrari 250 GTO SWB from the 1960s or a vintage Porsche 911 from the 1990´s.

Best meal you’ve ever had?
Probably at the restaurant Chateau Eza in the small village Eze in France, but it could just as easily been the first time I tried my wife’s incredible Salsiccia pasta.

Favourite restaurant in Stockholm?
I think Sturehof has everything I appreciate in a restaurant. Impeccable service, a social environment and most importantly…consistency over time. I think I´ve never been disappointed and I´ve probably had the same dish 50 times.

Secret indulgence?
Cheese doodles. Dangerously good.

Tell me a bit more about Andreas. Who is he?
A man in his mid-thirties, that dresses like he´s in his late fifties but still gets excited over proper shoes and tailoring.

Beyond style & the world of menswear – what are your interests?
I love movies and could spend days re-watching my favorite ones.

To most people you have become an icon with a deep experience within style and watches. When and what awakened your interest in the first place?
I´ve always had an interest in dressing but it really transcended into a passion in my early twenties. At first it was more about trends but after a few years I found myself more interested in classic menswear and the craft that I associated with tailoring and shoemaking.

Some people feel lost in their style and have a hard time knowing what to wear. What advice can you share to help people find their style so they feel comfortable, confident and happy?
First it’s about finding what works for you and your life. Not everyone is a banker or a lawyer but there are pieces of tailoring and footwear for everyone. Often it’s a good idea to start with the essentials and build a wardrobe of core staples that easily can be combined with each other and then add more eclectic pieces over time. But remember that it is your preferences that matter.

How do you do when investing in clothes & shoes? How do you think and concretely operate when buying new pieces to your wardrobe?
Over the years I´ve bought my fair share of both clothes and shoes but I´ve also been lucky enough to work in the industry and have the possibility of creating a lot of great products through collaborations and capsule collections. This has taught me a lot about my personal preferences, and I try to never buy something at an impulse but rather look at what I wear. I might own more pieces of clothing than most, but I hate the idea of buying something that rarely gets worn.

What inspires you?
I get inspired by passion and people who try to create something better. It can be a photographer striving to always find a new angle or a brand coming up with a slightly better version of their product.

For anyone that has followed you they know that you have a vast knowledge in the whole world of menswear. What can readers expect to read from you as MORJAS guest contributor?
They can expect my view on style in general and all the small things that I´ve felt made a difference for me when putting together an outfit or building a wardrobe. What pitfalls to avoid and when to discard the rules and go with your gut.

Last but not least, what do you wear when no-one is watching and comfort is prio 1?
I put on my tuxedo of course 😉

Andreas Weinås is Style Editor at King Magazine, co-founder of the podcast Gentlemanualen and a style and watch enthusiast. What sets Andreas apart from most other aficionados is his deep knowledge and experience in style and watches. His curiosity to learn about what’s actually behind production, materials and quality can almost be compared to an obsession. Andreas is a guest editor on the Morjas Blog where he shares his experience and thoughts around style, life and history.

The shoes worn by Andreas

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