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How to style | The Jumper Boot

how to style the jumper boot hero

Jumper boots were first introduced as an essential combat-ready boot for the armed services of the US but have since become an everyday staple in the contemporary man's wardrobe.

Today, we’ll take a look at some ways to style this heritage-styled boot with a modern touch.

look 1 look 1

Plain and simple

Use the high ankles of the boot to play with the silhouette by wearing wider, longer trousers. For example, a pair of cotton pants matched with a Shetland sweater and a raglan coat.

Shoes: The Jumper Boot in Brown Grain

Look 2 Look 2

Ivy League

Rugby sweater, tweed jacket and blue jeans. Essential items for a university look fit for any scholar. Top it off with khaki-coloured Mac for a fully weather-proof outfit.

Shoes: The Jumper Boot in Black Grain

look 3 look 3

Suit up

One of the many wondrous benefits of The Jumper Boot is its sleek silhouette, which makes it easy to use both with casual clothing and suits. As it is leaning towards a more fall-compatible shoe, a great way to dress it up is by matching it to a thick flannel suit.

Shoes: The Jumper Boot in Brown Suede