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How to style | The Driving Shoe

how to style the driving shoe

Coming closer to "timeless classic" than this is a hard feat. The Driving Shoe is our take on an iconic style that has adorned the feet of enthusiasts and racecar drivers alike for decades.

With its grained texture, sleek silhouette and decorative elements, it becomes a soft and loungy moccasin that works with various outfits and styles. In this article, we’ll look at some of the teams’ favourite ways of wearing The Driving Shoe.

1. Easy and breezy

Seasonal tones paired in wide and airy linen or canvas for the ultimate relaxed summer look. A perfect fit for the late hours after a day well spent at the beach.

2. Denim, meet tailored.

A pair of straight jeans paired with a classic oxford cloth button-down and a jacket that screams, "I create Formula 1 champions". Top it off with a nice belt, and you have a look fit for a CEO. Namely, the chairman of Ferrari.

3. Yes, Mr Wayne, it does come in black.

An all-black outfit? In the middle of the summer? Oh yes. If you dare go all out, make sure what you are wearing is breathable. The dark colour palette may be easy on the eyes, but the sun's rays don't care. The key to this outfit is to wear clothes that you can adapt — Too warm? Unbutton the shirt a bit. Match The Driving Shoe in black grain with wide black pants in an airy fabric, a black camp collar or a polo, and wear the shoes sockless for a Mediterranean feel.