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How to style | The Alpine Look

how to style the alpine look hero

The primetime for visiting the alps is now, but no journey to the snowy mountains can be made without composing some mountain-ready outfits for anything from long, snowy walks to late-night drinks at the chalet.

After Ski

After carving up the mountain all day long, it's time for some relaxing aprés ski. And what better companion than the warmth and sturdiness of The Hiking Boot?

Match it with a pair of winter-ready corduroys and a classic chunky turtleneck in a crisp colour. For outerwear, opt for something warm but flexible, like a down-padded parka.

At the chalet

Time for kicking back and relaxing at the chalet? Lean back by the fire, enjoy a negroni in a relaxed but elegant style wearing our most lounge-worthy shoe — The Belgian.

Wear The Belgian in total comfort with casual styling. A team favourite is matching it with an all-black look — softly tailored trousers together with a fine-knitted sweater will provide you with a perfectly slick but calm fit perfect for any relaxed evening.

The snowy walk

Out with the dog, or maybe going to your favourite mountain-top restaurant? Make sure to tread the snowy paths in warmth and comfort. The Alpine Boot gives you a perfect look, all while staying toasty thanks to its shearling fur lining.

Dress The Alpine Boot together with a pair of airy flannels, a thick lambswool sweater and a soft cashmere beanie — perfect for a snowy stroll down to the village centre.