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Gift Guide | Andreas Weinås

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I think everyone has their own hopes and wishes on what they might find underneath the Christmas Tree. I was asked by my friends from MORJAS to share some of my own.

Morjas Tassel Loafers in Black Calf Morjas Tassel Loafers in Black Calf

Morjas Tassel Loafers in Black Calf

Most of you know my love for Penny's but there is something great about a pair of black tassels that is hard to define. The casual nature of the model itself combined with a formal colour and leather could be problematic but it just works incredibly well. I love the idea of them with either as the formal contrast to a pair of raw denim or as the casual influence in a dark grey suit.

perro rollneck perro rollneck

Perro 4-Ply Cashmere Cableknit Rollneck

Casual elegance in a sweater - The unparalleled softness in a chunky 4-ply cashmere combined with the cableknit front makes this sweater the perfect choice for the holiday. Wear it with a pair of jeans or perhaps some mid-grey flannels.

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hermes ash tray1 hermes ash tray1

Hermès “Chasse en Inde” Ashtray

I'm not condoning smoking but whether you like to enjoy a cigar on Christmas Eve or if you just appreciate it as decorative object, Hermès ashtrays are simply astonishing in every aspect. The Chasse en Inde even has that perfect Christmas feeling to it with the red and gold motifs on white porcelain.

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hermes ash tray2 hermes ash tray2
hermes ash tray hermes ash tray