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Creative Juice 1.4


Quality is something we value very high. In all areas of life. In this week's creative juice: the quality of classic designer chairs. For the moment our inspiration comes from wooden chairs and crisp interior.

creative-juice-1.4-5 creative-juice-1.4-5
creative-juice-1.4-6 creative-juice-1.4-6
creative-juice-1.4-1 creative-juice-1.4-1
creative-juice-1.4-4 creative-juice-1.4-4
creative-juice-1.4 creative-juice-1.4
creative-juice-1.4-11 creative-juice-1.4-11
creative-juice-1.4-10 creative-juice-1.4-10

The Penny Loafer

Photographed in our studio in September 2021.

The Penny Loafer
creative-juice-1.4-8 creative-juice-1.4-8
creative-juice-1.4-2 creative-juice-1.4-2