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Care Guide | Suede

care guide suede

We all have been there. Putting on your favourite pair of suede loafers, exit the door, and the sky opens up. Water everywhere. Suede and water aren’t really best friends, so how do you make these mortal enemies get along a bit better?

Let’s take a look at some of the most essential points when caring for your suede shoes.

step 1 step 1

1. Clean

Products needed:
- Shoe trees
- Brush
- Suede brush

Start off by removing the shoe laces and inserting a pair of shoe trees in the shoes.

Use a brush to remove surface-level dirt and grime. Before starting the cleaning process, use a suede brush to lift the fibres from the leather.

step 2 step 2

2. Care

Products needed:
- Saphir Renovateur Spray
- Saphir Super Invulner

Using the Renovateur spray and a water-repellant impregnation spray is vital for your suede shoes. Firstly, the Renovateur spray will clean and enrich the fibres, making the suede feel and look more vibrant. Combine it with the Saphir Super Invulner spray which will penetrate the porous suede and build up a protective layer that wicks moisture away, and, when appropriately applied, will let water bead off the shoes.

The general suggestion is to impregnate your shoes or boots once every other week if used often. Or once a month for normal usage. Spray from a distance of 20-25cm. Avoid spraying into the shoe or on the inserted shoe trees.

Let dry for 15 minutes and gently brush the suede, and then you are good to go for hitting the streets.

Once or twice a year, we recommend using a more in-depth cleaning process to clean and revive the beautiful suede lustre. Below are our hacks to get your shoes looking stellar again. For a more in-depth, step-by-step guide you can read our article How to Restore Suede Shoes

in depth cleaning in depth cleaning

In-depth cleaning

Products needed:
- Suede shampoo
- Brush

If you need to revitalize the whole shoe, look no further than the Omni’Nettoyant suede shampoo. The content is developed explicitly for suede shoes and will condition and freshen up the entire shoe while keeping its colour pristine. After finishing the treatment, let the shoe dry overnight and finish up by brushing the suede with a circular motion to lift the suede fibres again.

remove stains remove stains

Remove stains

Products needed:
- Crepe eraser

For the toughest of stains, there’s really only one last resort. The crepe eraser, Saphir Gommadin. This product is super easy to use and works in the same way a classic eraser does. The crepe material will do a great job of efficiently removing tough stains.

Flaming suede

Products needed:
– Lighter

If you notice that the suede fibres have turned into a more “hairy” or nappy state, there is one great solution. Take the nearest lighter and slowly let the top of the flame, gently but fast, burn over the desired areas. As this step involves fire, make sure to do it carefully, and don’t let the warm metal of the lighter touch the shoe, as this might do more damage than good. You will quickly notice how the hairiness disappears and gets “trimmed down”, and the shoes will look as good as new.