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Care Guide | Sneakers

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We all love a good pair of crispy sneakers. But they seldom keep their vibrant colour for longer than a couple of uses. So how do you make the most out of your sneakers, making them look - always? Let us take you through these three steps, and you'll be wearing pearly white sneakers in no time.

step 1 step 1

1. Clean

Products needed:
- Saphir sneaker cleaner
- Brush
- Shoe tree

Before starting the whole cleaning process, a good idea is to use a shoe tree in the shoe, as this will make cleaning them more manageable.

We begin with brushing off the dirt and bigger particles. Once the superficial dirt is gone, then use a slightly damp towel and get rid of other grime and marks. Once we have a semi-clean surface, we can start applying a cleaning product, like the Saphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner. This works exceptionally well on smooth leather surfaces, like calf leather, as well as for nubuck, suede and textiles. It will penetrate the material deeper and bring out the impurities, think facial cleaner. Let sit for 4-5 minutes. When the foam has absorbed the dirt, brush and wipe the shoes off.

step 2 treating step 2 treating

2. Treating

Products needed:
- Medaille d'Or Renovateur Crème
- Super Invulner

Now the shoe is clean. Congrats. Now we need to make sure they stay that way. So, what is the best practice? Impregnate? Shoe cream?

We recommend a shoe cream with water-repellant qualities for leather sneakers, like the Medaille d’Or Renovateur Crème, from Saphir. The Super Invulner spray from Saphir is excellent and easy to use when talking about suede sneakers.

shoe laces sneaker shoe laces sneaker

3. Final touches

Do you want to take your shoe care to the next level? Alright, cleaning the shoelaces is the best way to take your already clean shoes and make them crisper.

The shoelaces are very easy to clean. Simply take them off your shoes, add some liquid detergent to a bowl with the laces and go at it. Scrub and squeeze them until they are clean. Let them dry before lacing them up again.