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Behind The Scenes | Photoshoot of The Permanent Collection


Curious to see some behind the scenes of our studio photo shoots? Come along on a day in the studio with Lovisa, Chris and our tremendous photographer Abraham Engelmark.

behind-the-scenes-morjas5 behind-the-scenes-morjas5
behind-the-scenes-morjas6 behind-the-scenes-morjas6

First things first: furniture from our friend Fredrik Karlsson who’s the genius behind Galerie North. We’re very much into earthy tones, even when it comes to chairs. To be honest, what is there not to like when it comes to the designs of Pierre Jeanneret? Caesar, who’s usually living at Lovisa’s place, also got to enjoy a day outside.

behind-the-scenes-morjas behind-the-scenes-morjas
behind-the-scenes-morjas1 behind-the-scenes-morjas1

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Besides way-too-many shoes: A mat, a good-looking chair and a master when it comes to photography (aka Abbe) is enough.

behind-the-scenes-morjas2 behind-the-scenes-morjas2
behind-the-scenes-morjas8 behind-the-scenes-morjas8
behind-the-scenes-morjas7 behind-the-scenes-morjas7
behind-the-scenes-morjas3 behind-the-scenes-morjas3

1623 pictures were shot during this day. Wo-ha. And from that we picked 74 very-good-looking pictures. You’ll see the result soon, very soon.