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3 fragrances for summer


Curious to know which fragrances we'd recommend for a crisp summer scent? We've got you covered. Let us introduce you to 3 fragrances for summer.

aesop-basil aesop-basil

Aesop - Tacit

This is a bright and uplifting kind of fragrance that’s perfect for the warmer weather. The gorgeous yuzu together with the basil and vetiver makes it fresh but deep and earthy at the same time. A perfect companion for the summer.

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acqua-di-parma-lemon1 acqua-di-parma-lemon1

Acqua di Parma - Colonia

A true classic in the fragrance world. This a classy yet fun scent. It opens up sharp and bright thanks to the citrus and then it dries down to a beautiful herbal scent that takes you on a olfactive journey to an Italian barbershop.

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creed-lime-coconut creed-lime-coconut

Creed - Virgin Island Water

A fragrance that immediately transports you to a glorious beach in the Caribbean. A wonderful, tropical scent with heavy doses of lime and coconut that always puts a smile on your face after you get a whiff of it.

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  • Take your time and try out fragrances that you’ve never heard of before, it’s a gorgeous fragrance-jungle out there with wonderful scents available for us.
  • Ask for free samples and try them for a couple of days before you decide.
  • If you want to buy a fragrance with a higher concentration but the price tag is too high. Go for a smaller bottle. A 30ml bottle of EDP concentration can be in your wardrobe for years since you don’t need that many sprays when applying.