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The Unicorn — Shell Cordovan

Horween Shell Cordovan, one of the most sought-after materials in the shoe-making industry, makes an unexpected visit to The Unicorn — The rarest and most exclusive shoe we have ever made, a one-of-a-kind creation. Apart from the material, this penny loafer has been reimagined from the ground up with a bevelled waist, closed-channel stitching, hand-painted finish and toe plates. The beautiful, natural colour of cordovan is a deep burgundy, paying a small homage to the first model we released. The result is nothing else but a unicorn.

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Fudge wheel decoration

Perforated edges, creating more elevated attention to detail.

Bevelled waist

Slimmer and more sculpted waist with a subtle fiddle look, which creates an elegant impression.

Closed channel stitching

The complex construction of the stitching makes it invisible to the naked eye by skillfully peeling a small portion of the leather and, after stitching, attaching it again.

Toe plate

The metal plate at the front of the shoe is a protective element to prevent excessive wearing of the toe portion of the sole and extends its lifespan.


The stacked heel has been adjusted to comply with a classic heel design principle, resulting in a size equivalent to 1/4 of the sole’s entire length.


The hand-painted sole uses two colours, black and brown, to create a graceful and distinctive look.

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the unicorn wear

The box, handmade from solid Mahogany, encapsulates the sensory experience of unboxing the shoes. Inside, you'll find specially designed wool shoe bags with hand-embroidered initials.

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shoe box 1200x1200