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How to style | The Belgian

how to style the belgian hero

The Belgian is as unique as it is adaptable. Many consider it a true chameleon of a shoe, working with virtually every outfit combination.

Let's explore a handful of the infinite ways to style one of the most essential shoes we offer— The Belgian.

outfit 1 belgian outfit 1 belgian

Keep it flowy

For a relaxed but elegant silhouette, some team members like to go all out in airy clothing perfectly combined with the neat and casual look of The Belgian.

A pair of wide trousers, a polo shirt and a half-zip provide a nice and clean-cut silhouette that is masterfully matched with the bold and neat structure of The Belgian.

look 2 the belgian look 2 the belgian

Black Tie

For many, patented shoes like oxfords, or even more classic — opera pumps, are considered the go-to for black tie clothing. We, however, offer another joker up our sleeve. For most in the team, the Belgian in black deerskin has become a black tie favourite, as it brings back the outfit a tiny amount while still being quintessentially unique and elegant.

Here, the key is having a well-fitted tuxedo, matched up with black silk socks and the finishing touch of the outfit — The Belgian.

outfit 3 the belgian outfit 3 the belgian

Office ready

Maybe the simplest execution of them all. Tread through the rough and damp winter weather, walk straight into the office and kick off your muddy shoes. Already there, waiting for you like an obedient dog, are the most comfortable indoor shoe we offer. The Belgian in deerskin. Wear it with a pair of light-washed denim jeans, a shirt, or even a t-shirt. Anything goes.