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How to style | The Court Sneaker

How to style the court sneaker

The Court Sneaker is the latest addition to our collection of sneakers. Fully developed in-house for unrivalled comfort and looks with carefully selected materials. Today, we are taking a look at how to wear this instant classic of a shoe and how the team likes to match it.

canadian tux1 canadian tux1

Canadian Tux

An understated classic that gets way too much bad rep. When done right, a Canadian tux can be effortless and suave. The two-tone court sneaker is a perfect complement for an all-denim look, with the oyster grey accents bringing out the green-bluish colour from a faded pair of jeans.

a casual take a casual take

A casual take

Sneakers are commonly worn casually — and for many good reasons. We like to dress it up to a certain point, but a casual and relaxed look is never malplacé. Black denim and a knitted sweater will make a well-put-together look that could fit in at any office or after work.

natura hues1 natura hues1

Natural Hues

An autumny palette that focuses on bringing out the nougat-toned colour of the shoes. Go for a pair of brown cotton trousers and a white shirt. Finish it off with a pair of brown socks to match it all with the nougat court sneakers. It doesn't have to be more complex than that.