Whether you like canvas or leather sneakers for a day party or just a calm stroll, the curated selection of summer sneakers below is a great foundation for your vacation wardrobe.

The Deck Shoe

Our latest addition to the sneaker lineup, The Deck Shoe, is crafted with a structured canvas on a stitched rubber sole. This sneaker is optimal for any sunny day and comes in three colours: black, white, and sky blue. The cork sole makes for a light and breathable wearing experience, while the silhouette exudes a look fit for warm weather.

The Sneaker white leather

The Sneaker 02

The Sneaker 02, available in a variety of colours, is a low-profile, subtle sneaker that can be dressed up for more formal situations or worn casually. For summer, white leather sneakers are a classic go-to, while all-black suede works all year round.

The Court Sneaker

For a more sporty approach, The Court Sneaker will be your right-hand man. Inspired by the athletic footwear of the 80s and available in antique white leather, nougat suede, and a two-tone look of antique white and oyster grey, it will fit every need you might have for a summer sneaker.

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