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How to wear sneakers with jeans and formal trousers


We often get the question from our loyal followers: What pants should I wear with sneakers? After asking around among the people in the team who often wear sneakers, we can now present our take on how we like to combine sneakers with certain trousers.

How to wear sneakers with jeans

Our absolute favorite combination is jeans and sneakers. It is timeless, fresh and in some way it simply always works.

We like to combine ecru or cream-colored jeans for our sneakers that have earthy tones. A relaxed and luxurious combination.

For darker jeans in black or dark gray, we prefer to wear white sneakers. We like the monochrome in that combination and the clear contrasts.

Blue jeans and sneakers – A favourite among the MORJAS team. It never goes out of style. When it comes to combining blue jeans with sneakers, we actually do not have any special rules. Almost everything works. But if we get to choose a favorite combination, it will be the white sneaker.

How to wear sneakers with formal trousers

The key to wearing sneakers with more formal clothes is to make it look casual. Use less formal fabrics such as flannel, cotton or linen. Skip the dress shirt and replace it with some fine knitwear.

saman-amel-fine-knitwear-sneakers saman-amel-fine-knitwear-sneakers

Fine knitwear, dressed trousers & sneakers

According to us, the ultimate combination is pictured right here. Tone in tone and a nice balance between dressed and casual. Picture borrowed from Saman Amel.