What to Pack for The Weekend Getaway?

When packing for a weekend holiday, you want to travel light, and versatility is often the most important aspect. This can be tricky however since the situations you might need to dress for can be both formal and casual. One wants to feel comfortable on a stroll during the day but at the same time feel elegant in the evening. The key to maximizing your luggage is therefore to focus on items that with a simple twist, can be transformed into evening wear.

The Navy Sports Coat

Nothing in a man’s wardrobe has a greater versatility than the navy jacket. Wear it with denim, and chunky knitwear during the day and add a white shirt to be ready for dinner.

The Penny Loafers

I find Penny loafers to be the most versatile piece of footwear since they can, just like the navy jacket, be transformed from casual to evening wear. Especially in black calf which still looks incredible with faded denim and turtlenecks but perhaps at their best with a dark worsted suit.

The Grey Trousers

If I had to choose one pair of trousers, I bet it would be a grey flannel or fresco depending on the season. They both wear comfortably with knitwear but still has a sharpness that can be combined with tailored jackets that jeans often lack. Flannels in particular is actually surprisingly comfortable in at home or in the hotel room with a simple t-shirt or cashmere sweater.

The rollneck

A rollneck is truly a man’s best friend and by far the most elegant version of knitwear. Much due to the high neck that frames the face and makes it perfect for a cocktail or after ski. My favorites are navy, grey or cream. For a more formal look, I would suggest packing a version in merino or wool/silk while cashmere often feels more casual and has the most comfort during the days.

The White Shirt

A white shirt is that one garment that can be paired to basically anything in the wardrobe. With that being said, the weave and texture of the shirt can make a huge difference, so I try to avoid the fancy poplins and pack oxfords or pinpoints for a weekend retreat.

The Rain Coat

No matter how nice your look might be, it can all be ruined by heavy rain, so I always like to pack (or wear) a water repellent overcoat even for a shorter trip. It has proven wisely and helped keeping the rest of my garments dry and wearable for several days.

The Sneakers

While I find the pennies more versatile, I always make sure to travel with at least two pairs of shoes. The sneakers are both comfortable and stylish with a casual look.

Shoes worn by Andreas

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