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What we’re wearing | Spring

How to style Spring Essentials

As spring is securing its foothold, we can't help but dress brighter, lighter and airy. The team has collected their favourite pieces for your reading pleasure, perfect for sunny walks and longer days.

the penny loafer unlined medium brown suede the penny loafer unlined medium brown suede

The Penny Loafer Unlined — Medium Brown Suede

Picked by Jack

When the sun is shining, and the remaining gravel from winter is brushed away, there is no better feeling than slipping into my unlined loafers. The suede's slouchy look and soft feel make them extremely comfortable and effortless to cruise around town and soak up the rays in ultimate spring style.

the penny loafer unlined medium brown suede 1A the penny loafer unlined medium brown suede 1 mobile
the belt brown braided the belt brown braided

The Belt — Brown Braided

Picked by Erik

Spring calls for lighter-coloured trousers. It's simply a fact. To match my white jeans, the casual look of the braided version of The Belt comes in very handy. It works with virtually all of my spring clothes, making it a trusty companion for the whole season.

the sneaker 02 white leather the sneaker 02 white leather

The Sneaker — White Leather

Picked by Henrik

The white sneakers return when the sun comes out of hiding. It's always a great pleasure to bring them out of their winter-long hiatus and once again let them shine in the springtime sunlight. For the third year in a row, I'm wearing one of my absolute favourite spring necessities. For long walks in the city or when I travel, The Sneaker 02 in White is my essential.


The Penny Loafer — Sand Suede

Picked by Chris

The pros of having two collections, a permanent and a seasonal, means that I can wear most models we offer during the majority of the year. But every now and then, our product team brings forward a limited product tied to the current season. My spring essential this year will be The Penny Loafer in Sand Suede, which is finally making a comeback. The unique colour makes for quite a striking look, which you definitely can get away with during this part of the year.