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Favourite picks for Holiday Gifts | Chris Black

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Picture by: Chris Chang

Columnist and podcaster, Chris Black of How Long Gone, is making a guest appearance to talk about his favourite picks for holiday gifts.

the-chukka-boot-in-medium-brown-suede1 the-chukka-boot-in-medium-brown-suede1

1. The Chukka Boot

This is the perfect year-round shoe, not too dressy, not too casual. Leather lined with a rubber sole, The Chukka Boot can be worn with jeans or a suit, and for my money, the medium brown suede is the perfect shade, and they will age well. You won’t look like Steve McQueen, but you will look cool.

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lowew chris black gift guide lowew chris black gift guide

2. Loewe liquid soap

It’s time for a new liquid soap to enter the race, and the Marihuana scent from Loewe’s perfume range is the perfect contender. Herbal, woodsy, and mature, it doesn’t smell like a cheap spliff.

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the hiking boot in black grain1 the hiking boot in black grain1

3. The Hiking Boot

The Hiking Boot in black grain leather is a timeless silhouette that suits a variety of needs. Made to withstand the elements, the rubber sole provides plenty of grip, and the fold-over tongue will keep the elements out. A luxurious version of everyday footwear, even if you aren’t scaling the mountain.

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coat coat

4. Wythe Polo Coat

A great overcoat is hard to find. It needs to be perfectly oversized, warm, and durable. This one, an 80s-inspired polo coat from Wythe, is made in New York City from a custom-developed barleycorn tweed, woven in Donegal. It should last for many winters.

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the single monkstrap in black calf1 the single monkstrap in black calf1

5. The Single Monkstrap

A loafer alternative, the single monk strap feels dressy, but not formal. I would say dressing them down makes the most sense; just put them on with jeans and a blazer and head out the door. If you overthink it, you might show up to the office looking like a Tumblr enthusiast from 2012, and we wouldn’t want that.

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vipp bin vipp bin

6. The best waste bin

Denmark-based Vipp makes the best waste bin on the planet. This 8-gallon version in white, first designed in 1939, would be the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Made from powder-coated steel and stainless steel, it was accepted into the architecture and design collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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