Even though we are still considered a start-up, 2022 has been a year where we’ve matured. Our five-year anniversary has come with significant milestones and growth that have professionalized our business, which in turn have improved our customer experience.

I am especially proud of our team culture that has grown stronger (and keeps building stronger by the day). We’ve worked with our company values ever since we were only two people in the team. But this year has been special. It is particularly important in a time of geopolitical and macroeconomic turbulence. Uncertainties and fear are natural dividers in society, they can easily create more polarization whether that is in a team or in society as a whole. Our values “We Are Kind” and “We Take Action” have been paramount among our ten company values. These have been nurtured at a higher level than I’ve experienced before—both professionally and personally. It has created a more unified and focused team. For that I thank my team and share my gratitude for working with people that are hungry, curious, and humble.

2022 has welcomed new collaborators: Both external and internal. External in the form of suppliers, local resources to continuously improve quality and production, ambassadors and many more that have helped to shape MORJAS further. Internal in the form of new investors that work passionately to build the best machine, on the quest of becoming number one in our category. I am beyond thankful to work with such a professional, experienced and skilled group of people.

I thank everyone that has invested in something from MORJAS, whether small or big. By doing so you have actively contributed to our social mission, The Shoe That Grows. For the fourth consecutive year we’ve donated 1% of our revenue to help distribute shoes to kids in need. This year—with your help—we managed to donate 1906 pairs.

Thank you for 2022. I wish you all the best for 2023 with lots of love and happiness.

Henrik Berg
CEO and Founder

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